What measurements are needed for tailoring a dress?

Measurements are taken on a naked body or on a thin T-shirt.


  • Height + Heels are your wedding shoes (cm or in) -
  • Bust (cm or in) -
  • Girth under the bust (cm or in) -
  • Girth around the waist (cm or in) -
  • Girth around the hips (cm/ in) -
  • Length from armpit to floor + heels (cm or in) -
  • Length from waist to floor +heels (cm or in) -
  • Length from shoulder to floor +heels (cm or in) -

     If your dress has sleeves:

    • Arm length (cm/ in) -
    • Biceps circumference  (cm/ in)-
    • Elbow circumference (cm/ in)-
    • Wrist circumference (cm/in)-

    Measurements for sewing sleeves are taken with the arm bent.

    Sleeve length measurements are taken to the desired sleeve length, such as wrist length, mid-arm length, or mid-finger length.It depends on the sleeve design.


    Bra cup size

    1)Measure the length of the cup from rim to rim from the inside.
    2)Measure the height of the cup from edge to edge from the inside.

    Below is a photo of how to do it.



    Sizing chart

    When buying a ready-made dress size, please contact me so that I can check if the size of the dress will fit you. All wedding dresses have a lace-up back, so the size can be easily adjusted. Below is an indicative size chart.