Dora. The history of one dress.

Dora is a special dress! This dress was conceived on a warm summer evening, inspired by airy clouds and blooming flowers.

The designer started by sketching the basic outline of the dress, envisioning a flowing and ethereal silhouette that would capture the romantic and dreamy atmosphere of the inspiration. Once the sketch was complete, the designer began to carefully select the fabrics that would bring the dress to life.

Delicate tulle was chosen for the flowing skirt, with layers upon layers added to create a sense of lightness and movement. The bodice was crafted from  corset mesh, which would provide a soft and silky texture against the skin. The delicate lace and beading used for the bodice were carefully selected to complement the tulle and to create a cohesive and harmonious design.

As the dress began to take shape, each element was meticulously crafted by hand. Every seam, stitch, and embellishment was carefully placed, ensuring that the dress was perfect in every