«This is more than wedding dresses, this is my love and part of my soul!»


Welcome to our online workshop!  Due to the fact that this is an online store, we can keep prices affordable for exclusive handmade wedding dresses made especially for you.

Our online workshop sews dresses to order and almost all of our dresses are made to the bride's measurements. Each of our dresses exists in limited quantities, each wedding dress is a handmade item. An individual approach to each bride gives us the opportunity to create an absolutely original dress that fully meets the wishes of the bride.


My name is Alena Plokhova, and I am a designer of handmade wedding dresses. My hobby quickly turned into a job, and then into a small business, but it wasn't always like this.

Before I started creating handmade wedding dresses, I owned a bridal studio «Votre Mariage»  and sold ready-made dresses. In 2018, the brand was renamed from Votre Mariage to Plokhova Alena.

However, over time, I began to feel that many bridal stores sold similar dresses that lacked individuality. That's when I developed a desire to create something truly unique and special. I closed my bridal studio to fully devote myself to my new project - creating handmade wedding dresses. I began to study the art of creating wedding dresses and gradually improved my skills.I took several courses in tailoring and fashion design, but this was not enough and I continued to study on my own, learning the basics of tailoring every day. It was a long and difficult period. I practiced a lot, made a lot of mistakes, ruined a lot of fabric, and many of my projects were unsuccessful. But this is what helped me learn how to sew wedding dresses.

My passion for creating wedding dresses began as a hobby, but later, when I started sewing for my first clients, I realized that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.My first clients influenced me a lot, they gave me inspiration and a desire to continue doing what I love. Each of my clients has given me confidence in myself and in my business. Despite the fact that my path began with difficulties, I still continued to do my favorite thing.

My main idea is handmade dresses! I believe that details are very important and it is these details that emphasize the character of the dress and the character of its owner. Each of my dresses is hundreds of hours of handmade, I do not try to create a large number of dresses, my priority is to make each dress of high quality, special and unique.

This is more than wedding dresses, this is my love and part of my soul!