Jasmine. The history of one dress.

What's special about Jasmine?! 
Jasmine is a very special and original dress, there are so many handmade details in this dress that you can say that this dress is completely handmade. It is the handwork that makes this dress special!
A special and main detail in this dress are the flowers, the flowers are created especially for this dress. Each petal, and then the flower, is made by hand, hundreds of hours of handwork. By the way, each petal is cut by hand, then each petal is fired with a candle flame, and then the shape of the petal is shaped by hand. Each petal goes through this procedure, by the way, hundreds of such petals are required to create such flowers.
Despite the complexity of this procedure, each petal and flower is different from the others, and this is the main idea of ​​this dress!
P.S. When buying this dress, be aware that you will definitely get absolutely original dresses, because such petals and flowers will only be on your dress. Why? Because it's handmade, and the flowers are made especially for you!