What measurements are needed for tailoring a dress?

Measurements are taken on a naked body or on a thin T-shirt.

height + heels (cm/ in) -
bust (cm/ in) -
girth under the bust (cm/ in) -
girth around the waist (cm/ in) -
girth around the hips (cm/ in) -
length from armpit to floor + heels (cm/in) -
length from waist to floor + hells (cm/in)-





bra cup size -
Measure the length of the cup from rim to rim from the inside.
Measure the height of the cup from edge to edge from the inside.
Below is a photo of how to do it.


 If your dress has sleeves:

Arm length 
Biceps circumference 
Elbow circumference 
Wrist circumferences 




Sizing chart

When buying a ready-made dress size, please contact me so that I can check if the size of the dress will fit you. All wedding dresses have a lace-up back, so the size can be easily adjusted. Below is an indicative size chart.