How to place an order

How to place an order

You have decided to order a wedding dress! What you need to know about ordering a wedding dress.

First you need to decide which dress you want! Do you want the dress you saw in my store or do you want to design your own? Or maybe you just want to change the design of the dress? All these options will be accompanied by different stages of ordering and tailoring conditions. But all these options are united by one important circumstance, before ordering a dress, you must provide your measurements for tailoring the dress! Let's take a closer look at all these steps!

Before ordering any dress, you need to look in the folder "Custom made". In this folder you will find out the terms of tailoring and you will see some questions and answers. After you need to decide on the dress and go to the folder “What measurements are needed to sew the dress” In this folder you will see a list of measurements and instructions on how to take measurements correctly. To take measurements, you can use the help of your mother or contact a local tailor. As a rule, most brides cope with these without professional help! Double check your measurements!

You have a list of measurements for tailoring a dress! Send this list to me by clicking the contact us button, chat or email! Then go to the dress and click the "Custom made" button. Order placed! By the way, it does not matter when you send your measurements after you clicked this button and placed an order or after! After you click this button, I will contact you all and confirm that the order has been placed successfully and the measurements have been received!

Wait time! This means that you need to be patient and wait until your dress is sewn.

So what you need to do to place an order:

  • Check with the terms of tailoring or ask me about it.
  • Tell me what dress you want.
  • Take your measurements for your dress.
  • Send me measurements.
  • Place an order.
  • Wait time.
  • Dress delivery.
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